Our network connects you as a loan seeker with some of the best lenders in the industry. We tailor our lenders to match your information specifically, so you receive a loan that’s customised to your personal needs. That’s what makes us so effective.

Below you’ll find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t see the answer you’re looking for though, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

What is a payday loan USA?

A payday loan is a way to gain support whilst facing temporary financial adversity. Our payday loans can help you pay your bills or expenses, whilst you’re waiting for your next payment of wages or salary.

It’s an incredibly popular short term solution for financial problems. With our website you can apply for a loan between $100 and $1,000

Do you have certain requirements for who can apply for a loan?

There are a few restrictions on who can apply for a payday loan USA. To qualify for a loan and meet these requirements, you must fall within the following criteria:

  • You should be over 18
  • You should have been employed within your current job for 30 days or more
  • Your monthly wages should be at least $800
  • You should be able to provide an email address and phone number

Is there a restriction on how much I can loan?

Whilst the amount you can borrow will depend on certain criteria that ensures responsible lending for you and our affiliates, the maximum amount is $1,000. The minimum amount you can loan is $100.

How do I receive the payday loan?

You’ll receive the money as a deposit in your bank account. It’s quick, simple and hassle free, helping to reduce the stress of your financial problems.

I’m worried about my poor credit rating, can you still help?

Even if you are struggling with a poor credit rating, you’re still able to apply for a payday loan with us. We know just how common financial problems are and that’s exactly why we tend to discount low credit ratings when reviewing our customer’s applications.

We believe financial support should be available for everyone and that’s exactly why we’re dedicated to looking beyond our customer’s credit rating.

Does it take long to apply for a loan?

Quick, simple and hassle free, you’ll find that you can apply online with us in a few minutes. Once you’ve been approved for your payday loan, you’ll receive the money in your bank account within 24 hours. Our process is designed to quickly help those in urgent need of financial support because we appreciate just how soon our customers might need the loan.

Is a fax machine required?

You will need a fax machine to access our services, as sometimes our lenders will ask about other financial details that might not be in your application. Fax is one of the fastest ways to send this information, so it ensures a quick process for you and our lenders.

If you are struggling to find a fax machine, check with your local post office, library or ask a friend if they can help.

What’s the cost of your payday loans?

The amount of interest you pay back on your payday loan USA actually varies case by case, especially as we have such a broad network of lenders. However, before each loan is confirmed you will be informed of any relevant fees or interest rates that will be incurred.

I already have an existing payday loan, is it possible to loan more money?

It’s certainly possible to receive a payday loan whilst paying off an existing one. Many of our customers already have outstanding payment plans and this is a common situation for people in need of financial support.

However, it’s important for both you and the lender to disclose this information whilst applying for a loan.

How is the payday loan repaid?

Your repayments will be automatically withdrawn from your account, according to the terms and conditions that you agree to whilst applying for the loan. If you are struggling to repay your loan, you should contact your lender as soon as possible to notify them and work out an alternative solution.

What happens if I’m late on a repayment?

This will vary depending on which lender you receive your payday loan from. Each partner that we work with has different sets of terms and conditions, in terms of late repayment plans. Before agreeing a loan with a lender, read their terms and conditions thoroughly to ensure you understand exactly how late repayments will affect you.