As a credible and ethical payday loans USA business, our lending partners are expected to meet high standards of State and Federal government legislation. We’ve outlined below our key policies that ensure responsible lending.

Transparency of Fees & APR

Our affiliates must comply to the Truth in Lending Act. This means being completely transparent and open about all relevant charges, interest rates and fees, to encourage a culture of honesty between our customers and lenders.

Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act

Ethical lending is important for the wellbeing of our customers. We therefore implement “fair, equitable, and nondiscriminatory access to credit for consumers”, to create equal lending opportunities for all of our customers. Any complaints should be directed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if this policy is breached.

Fair Debt Collection

The privacy and rights of our customers must always be respected and we are dedicated to complying with the Fair Debt Collections Act. This means lenders must practice in line with the following policies:

  • Between the hours of 9pm and 8am, customers must not be contacted
  • Lenders must be respectful in terms of how they speak and communicate with our customers
  • Deceptive practices will not be tolerated when attempting to collect outstanding debts
  • Threats of legal action or otherwise must not be used as a debt collection practice

As a business we pride ourselves on our reputation and putting our customers first, so ethical debt collection practices are incredibly important to us.

If you experience any cases of poor practice or a lender fails to comply with the above policies, please contact us and launch a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. We take every case seriously and aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction, to set an example to the loans industry of how important ethical lending is.

Federal and State Regulations

It’s essential that all of our partners comply with Federal and State level regulations. Whilst working with us, you must adhere to both relevant regional and national legislation associated with the payday loan USA services we supply.